Polly’s Dark Red AKC Puppies

The Puppies are here!

We are excited to announce that our AKC Windy Knoll Polly birthed 8 adorable dark red golden retriever puppies on May 12th! These puppies are the darkest, and largest puppies of all our puppies.  This is due to Polly being our darkest female and Grant being our darkest male.  The puppies happily sleep most of the time in between nursing as they are only about a week old.  As they mature, their world expands beyond their whelping pen to the great outdoors.  But right now, they reside in a climate controlled room and are attended by their mother in a quiet, nurturing environment.

Just about every day our children enjoy holding and petting their charming, furry, baby animals.  Puppy socialization at its best!  Keep checking back for updates!

Only days old!
Dark Red Golden Retriever Puppy