Clara’s Newborn Puppies!

Yes, our beautiful Clara delivered her first litter of adorable little AKC Golden puppies! Monday night, November 5, 2018, found us observing the miracle of birth as each tiny newborn arrived! As a first time mom, Clara went through labor and delivery beautifully and is taking excellent care of her newborn puppies.

Her healthy, vigorous litter of nine little Golden pups, six females and three males, are thriving with plenty of napping and nursing snuggled up with their mom.  These little newborn puppies have also thrilled our children yet again, and offered them another opportunity to wonder at and snuggle the tiny, perfect pups! Clara is a very calm mother, and welcomes our “assistance” with her litter.

If you are on the wait list for this litter, you can expect to be hearing from us via email shortly with further details concerning this litter. We appreciate your patience as we work on reaching out to you in the midst of all that’s going on here!

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