Puppy Moments From This Week

We’re all enjoying the growing, adorable puppies of Spice’s, Clara’s, Sunny’s, Meg’s, and Polly’s lovely litters of AKC Goldens!

A snugly little girl from Clara and Sampson’s litter of beautiful dark red pups.
Spice’s lightest little girl very alert from her seat on Mary’s lap while listening to audiobook.
Another of Spice’s smiling little girls perched on Esther’s arm, ready for adventure!
This beautiful, light English Cream/American Golden pup is Jonathan’s favorite little fellow from Meg’s litter!
Elizabeth enjoys cuddling Polly’s sleepy, calm, little boy.
Such a sweet, sound asleep pup, one of Sunny’s lovely little girls.
A little female from Spice’s litter loves some play with the girls.
Mary loves to snuggle puppies to sleep as if they are babies – and this pup from Polly’s litter succumbing to her gentle caresses.
Spice’s little girl is quite adorable.
Jonathan introduces the littlest member of the Moore family, David, to his favorite little boy from Meg’s litter.
This is an armload of pups – all five of Spice’s beautiful, gentle, sweet females!
It’s not always easy to get all puppies looking the same way at once – but it it always easy to relish their cuteness and cuddles!