Maple’s Newborn Golden Puppies!

It’s exciting to announce that the last of our Spring litters is here! Maple and Major’s beautiful litter of American/English Cream puppies were born this past week on June 11th, 2019!

Four cute males, and four adorable females make for a fine first litter for Maple. They are well established in nursing, sleeping, and snuggling – while Maple, who is a first time mother, had a great delivery and has surprised us with her level of devotion and care for her pups!

It’s fun to have a range of puppy ages all represented here right now, showing just how much growth and development occurs in a puppies first few weeks of life! From Maple’s small, cute newborns, to Sunny’s almost two week old adorable pups who are toddling around and even already trying to tackle eating real food, to Spice and Clara’s almost five week old bundles of cuteness and energy and developing personalities who now much prefer to play outside that have to be in their indoor pens!

Stay tuned for more pictures of Sunny and Charlie’s pups coming up next!