Snapshots from the day at Windy Knoll Goldens…

One of Maple’s beautiful young English Cream/American Golden pups snoozing in the soft, cool grass.

Graceful and pretty, Maple looks on while one of her little canines takes a nap in the wagon while Elizabeth gives her a ride.

And while puppies have taken center stage for a while here with all their adorableness, we can’t forget the rest of our canine family:

The children and I say hello to some of our beautiful young, AKC Golden girls, like Daisy, pictured above!

Not to be left out of the excitement, Pickle, a vivacious, alert, and lovely young lady Golden, quickly joined Daisy.

Susie is a sweet, dark red Golden who, in spite of a small compact, frame, has a great capacity for love, loyalty, and fun!

Pearl and Florence, our first two AKC English Cream girls, are maturing into stunning young Goldens with great proportions and gorgeous coats of white!