Fall Puppies

New England’s Finest Golden Retrievers


Windy Knoll Goldens Martha Washington “Patsy” delivered a healthy litter of 11 dark golden retriever puppies on the 24th of September!  Mother is doing fine and happily caring for her adorable puppies. The puppies weights and lengths and names are  … wait, this sounds like a baby announcement!

For a first time mother, Patsy did great; birthing puppy after puppy that afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30. This is probably a record fast delivery for our dogs over the past few years. It also is nice to have a daytime delivery, otherwise, we (read I) have to stay up all night with her.  She seemed to know what she was doing and settled down very quickly to a proper nursing and sleeping schedule.  All the puppies are spoken for at this time, so any new inquiries for this litter will have to be turned away or… be directed to a couple other litters that are due starting in 2 months!

I grabbed a few quick pictures of the puppies and Patsy nursing them. Also check out our Youtube video by clicking here.

One week old dark american golden retriever puppies Eleven Dark Golden Retriever Puppies from AKC Windy Knoll Golden Patsy