New Puppies From Maple and Dozer

Maple and Dozer’s beautiful AKC American Golden/English Cream puppies are here!

Four chubby, cute boys and four adorable, sweet girls were born on December 6th, 2019.  As I write this, several of our children are sitting next to me cuddling a couple of these soft, warm, plump, and – at the moment – sleepy littermates! With their little eyes opening, and full of sweet little squeaks and growls, these adorable,  cream colored puppies enjoy snuggling in their warm and cozy climate controlled kennel room,  growing fast!

Each puppy goes through the Super Dog program designed by the US military so they will be well adjusted and able to handle new situations better as they grow. This process starts from the newborn stage – and Maple’s pups are well established in the daily routine of this bio sensor therapy.  Puppies that go through this program handle stressful situation much better throughout their lives, as well as demonstrating calmer personalities in general.

We’re enjoying Maple’s pups – who are all reserved and whose new owners will also soon be enjoying their new Golden puppies!  Enjoy some pictures and look for videos to follow!