Happy Spring and A Beautiful New Litter of Puppies!

We’re delighted to introduce a new little of beautiful puppies, born to our sweet, pretty American Golden Daisy and gorgeous, lovable English Cream sire Teddy on March 19th, 2021! This large litter of eleven, hearty, healthy little goldens are thriving under Daisy’s excellent mothering, and enjoying what newborn pups do best: nursing, sleeping, and snuggling! With an honey golden mother and an white English Cream father, this litter of pups are lovely hues ranging from light to medium gold.

Newborn pups exhibit great sibling camaraderie, always seeking to snuggle together in the most cooperative manner, even when it means some end up on the bottom and others on the top!


Tiny adorable paws, nose, and ears – isn’t God’s creation perfect?!



We don’t have baskets of bunnies around here, but a basket of puppies is pretty adorable too!


Sleeping sweetly as a baby!

Enjoy the pictures and please note that all of these puppies are already spoken for.