Elemay’s Puppy Update

We’re experiencing brisk winter weather in Maine, but our newest litter of  Windy Knoll Goldens puppies are staying toasty warm in our beautiful new kennel, built this past year after our move to Maine! These pictures show Elemay’s sleepy bunch of dark red AKC American golden retriever puppies who are almost two weeks old. With their little wondering eyes just opening a few days ago, they are getting their first few glimpses of their world. Each day, six little males and four females scoot around with more and more dexterity adding little peeps and squeaks especially when they are hungry. Elemay continues to be an attentive, caring mother to her pups. Thanks to early neurological stimulation, our puppies thrive in new situations and challenges.

Because we had requests for puppies from a couple of different fathers, both Charlie and King George sired this litter. From what we can tell so far, it looks like there are three from Charlie with the rest coming from King George. DNA testing of each puppy will be preformed to confirm each pup’s father.

Six of these little cuties have already been reserved leaving only four available males  to go home on March fourth! This is an excellent opportunity for a great spring Golden pup addition to your family, so  check out our puppy reservation page to reserve your own AKC dark red golden retriever male!