Spice and Teddy’s Puppies English/American Pups

Spice and Teddy’s puppies are here! They are a lovely creamy white color with some slight variations in color. Many people like this mix including ourselves as it boosts the genetic durability of the breed which has been shown to reduce the incidence of cancer by up to 40% according to the research. Plus the color is adorable! Both parents have great hips and clear genetics. With great personalities, this makes a really lovely family golden retriever. The puppies get playtime with children and adults plus a few kittens! We are now accepting deposits for these lovely English Cream/American golden retriever pups. We offer first and second pick of the litter for those who want to get the exact puppy of their choice! Click here to reserve your puppy!


4 Males 5 Females
Quiet snuggler
The lighter pups favor the their father, Teddy.
The slightly darker pups take after their mother who is a medium colored golden.
Puppies going home May 11