Pickle and Teddy’s Puppies Growing Fast

It is amazing every time a new litter of puppies arrives that they grow so fast! They start out as a very small, almost helpless little bundle that just wriggles and squirms over to their mother. About a week later, their wondering, blue eyes open for the first time. About a week after that and the little puppies are toddling around. Next on the list of accomplishments is running, barking, pulling on each other’s tails and many more fun milestones. Pickle and Teddy’s puppies seen in the pictures below are the light colored ones. They love getting to play together and with us in the warm sun. This will be one of three litters going home this fall. These happen to be Thanksgiving puppies!

What a cute little buddy!
The other orange collar puppy in this picture is from the litter of two from Goldie and Grant! He is huge while close to the same age.
What a nice yard to play in!
This one must be keeping watch over his littermates!
Cuteness itself!
Puppies are so curious.
They love attention…especially from out kids.
See the full American vs the English/American puppies?
Some were getting sleepy after a short time. Puppies like to sleep for hours each day.
Picturesque Maine!


Checking all the collars for tightness!
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