A Golden Oportunity

This is the first golden that we have kept until he is older and included training as part of his growing up so that whoever gets him will get a puppy that has already started the training process! He has been enjoying learning to walk on the leash, meeting other animals such as cats, goats, and cows. Since birth he has been handled by children and adults and been introduced to many other dogs including puppies and adult dogs. We have worked hard on things like not jumping and no biting, so he is very good about not doing either of those things! Though he doesn’t like baths very well, he has gotten better. On the other hand, he experienced our pond and loved it! We have worked on desensitizing him to car rides. All our dogs get classical music therapy which has been shown to grow the brain, calm them down and make them smarter and better dogs overall. He is very mellow, friendly, and pretty much a cuddle bug and loves playing with toys including a rope ball and his chew toys. Check out the pictures below! You can see that our 7 year old is able to walk him without any trouble!

Learning to sit
English Cream Golden Retriever
Great leash walker
English Cream AKC Windy Knoll Goldens Golden Retriever Puppy Maine
4 Months old
From a little bit ago
From 2 months ago
Eight weeks old