Adventures With Clover And Snowball

With the sun making a short appearance the other day, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to get these ladies out into the field before they are busy with their little puppies running around within a month or so. We were hoping for some beautiful, fun photos of Clover and Snowflake enjoying the sunshine on our beautiful 99 acres, but they had other plans! No worries if those along for the adventure weren’t prepared with the correct footwear, but at least we had a camera to snap a few as they lead the way! Following Snowflake through the muddy trails, Clover found a place for a quick dip and a cool drink. After some time in the water, Clover said she’d had enough and was ready to head back. Getting to the fields again, the two had lots of fun running about; chasing butterflies and each other. There’s nothing better than the sun shining and a few happy Golden Retriever pups running through our beautiful Maine field.

Look at those smiles!



Golden Retriever Puppies in Maine
Mud is the Best!
Golden Retrievers near Maine
They loved the water!
Golden Retriever Pups Near Maine
At least this shake wasn’t at our feet!
AKC Golden Puppies Near CT
Ahh, what a life!
Windy Knoll Goldens AKC Golden Retrievers Near Maine
And running through the fields…
AKC Windy Knoll Goldens Near Portland Maine
Dark Red Golden English Cream Golden Retriever Near Maine
Best Friends Forever


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