Action Requested!

Most of the time, we try to stay out of politics here at Windy Knoll Goldens, but when there may be an intrusion on our ability to breed our wonderful golden retrievers, we take action. The link below is an update from the AKC, American Kennel Club, of which every one of Windy Knoll Goldens golden retrievers are members. The AKC notified us that this piece of legislation that could shut down many breeders… even the most conscious of breeders, or make it extremely difficult to breed enough puppies to supply the demand. This could cause puppy prices to go astronomically high as the supply could be severely limited. As usual, the animal rights activists say that this will help animals (this affects any breeding animal) be safer and healthier, but in reality, the laws that are already on the books are perfectly adiquate to protect animals. Please contact your representative today! Please share! To read the full story, click the link below.

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