English Cream and American Golden Retriever Training

Puppy training is both challenging and rewarding. Thankfully golden retrievers, both English Cream and American Goldens, train very easily and it takes very little time to get the concepts into their furry little heads. But once they get it, they remember. It really helps that all our goldens are smart, learn quickly, and want to please. Most of the time we get reports that our puppies are mostly house broken even without the extra crate training we do for the trained puppies. We are very happy to team up with an excellent training program as well as a world renowned dog trainer who competed and won first place with obedience. Please enjoy some pictures of our very own goldens receiving the special training we offer.


AKC Golden Retriever Puppy Learning to Sit and Stay
Lucy, learning to Sit and Stay
Beautiful Dark Red Golden Retriever
Beautiful Dark Red Golden Retriever
English American Golden Retriever Learning To Sit
Training to Sit
English American Golden Retriever Learning to Walk on the Leash
Training to Heel
English American Golden Retriever Puppies Learning to Come
Learning to Come
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