New Pictures of English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retrievers

These puppies behaved perfectly for the photoshoot. They were calm, relaxed, and made it so easy to get some great pictures. Florence, the calm, attentive mother, gives each of her puppies plenty of nutritious milk, plus they are now switching over to highly nutrient dense food with garlic powder sprinkled over it. This gives them a head start against cancer, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, bad microbes, and overall health. The health benefits of garlic are truly amazing! We purchase it from Springtime Inc. and sprinkle it over the food every day for each one of our dogs.

AKC English Cream puppies differ from American golden retrievers in a few different ways. Most English Cream Golden Retrievers have a blockier head, and stockier build and slightly shorter height. This is true of Florence, but, while his overall build is stocky, Freddy’s legs are longer like most American goldens. More important than the slight anatomical differences between American and English goldens when choosing your puppy is their personality. Each puppy is unique, but the overall temperament of the litter comes from the parents. We capitalize on their exceptional temperament by using the Super Dog program otherwise known as ENS or Early Neurological Stimulation. This gives the puppies a much better start to life, both physiologically, and psychologically.

A newer benefit Windy Knoll Goldens offers is puppy training. Before your puppy goes home with you, we offer two or four weeks of beginning training to give your puppy a head start to a well-adjusted life. We have partnered with a world class trainer who works diligently with his team of trainers to make every moment count when it comes to training your puppy to be obedient. He uses gentle methods with lots of praise to induce each puppy to almost perfect obedience by the end of four weeks.

The first two weeks involve introducing new concepts like sit, stay, here, come, plus potty training and other sensory stimulation and training. This training is offered on a very limited basis as he and his team can only take a few puppies at a time. We have already had wonderful results and reviews from the first few puppy owners that have received training. Even if you don’t choose to get training from us, it is very important that your puppy receive training to maximize their full potential as an English Cream Golden Retriever.

Another important thing to consider when choosing your puppy, and especially when choosing between English Cream golden retrievers and American goldens, is the noticeable disparity of cancer rates. On average, English Cream puppies contract up to 40% less cancer than their American counterparts. This is significant! Of course, we do everything we can to decrease the likelihood of cancer through natural cancer killing supplementation (like powdered garlic) and minimizing toxic load by using all natural wormers, and non-toxic vaccines. Bottom line: Windy Knoll Goldens puppies are happy and healthy and are ready for their new owners in a couple of weeks!

Scroll down to see our amazing English Cream Golden Retrievers! Our next English Cream puppies will be born 3 weeks from now! Only a few pre-birth reservations are still available. Click on each picture below for a larger size view.

Four English Cream pups
Four English Cream Sisters
Six week old English Cream Puppy
Two English Cream Brothers!
English Cream puppy laying on rug
These English Creams quietly go about their day
Three Cute English Cream Puppies
Three Cute Almost 6 week old females
Three English Cream Females
Posing seems like second nature to these sisters
AKC English Cream Puppy Sitting on Red Rug
Trying a new background!
English Cream Puppy Being Held
Adorable Little Peanut! She holds on tightly with her paws!


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