William Bradford of Windy Knoll Goldens

Recently a very special puppy jetted all the way across the country from Idaho to Windy Knoll Goldens. William Bradford aka “Brad” is a vibrant dark red AKC pup with the sweetest personality. Eight-week-old Brad joined several other older pups at Windy Knoll and is enjoying his new environment and friends. Brad is quite clever. He figured out how to climb over the exercise pen gate and scamper up to the main kennel all on his own. Often, we have had the feeling that someone is watching us. Sure enough, when we turn around, there is Brad, beaming proudly. He loves to tussle with his fellow pups but will just as readily come and sit at your feet with a heart-melting gaze. Currently, we are in the process of leash training and teaching him basic commands.  Little Brad is an exceptional dog, and we expect to share some wonderful adventures with him.

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