Gentle Golden Retriever Spice is a Great Fit

Seven year old Sweet Spice is the senior American Red female at Windy Knoll and is a gentle golden retriever. Spice has a well-proportioned longer build with a thick creamy gold coat, fluffy ears, and a long regal muzzle. She is quiet and mellow, preferring her own space. However, she enjoys proximity to people and is content to be nearby when activities are happening. A true retriever, Spice likes cold, wet, and windy weather. Given the opportunity, she will happily spend as much time outside in the rain or snow. The puppies from her litters have proven to be sensible and able to adapt well to different environments. 7 month old Lucy is an ideal example of the quality of her line. We love Spice because she is such a gentle golden retriever.

gentle golden retriever Spice
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