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“Phenomenal Hips!”

“He’s got phenomenal hips!” 

Those were the words Dr. Keith Clement of Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital used to describe the results of the recent PennHIP results for our gorgeous Golden guy, Ulysses S. Grant of Windy Knoll Goldens.

“There’s basically no possibility of him having any hip issues,” was an additional comment he made as he described the status of the Distraction Index Chart for Grant’s x-ray. (For those of you who are familiar with PennHIP ratings, Grant’s DI is 0.26. We’ll be doing a future post on PennHIP evaluation, what the numbers indicate, and why it is a superior method of hip evaluation.)

While we anticipated good results for our Grant’s x-rays, they were even better than we hoped for, and we are thrilled! This is great, allowing us to move forward with our plans of Grant siring upcoming litters of wonderful Golden puppies! Grant is a beautiful male, with a luxurious dark red, thick, wavy coat, wonderful, happy go lucky golden personality, and agile, handsome build.

Food, Fun, and Frolic for Jenny’s Puppies

Jenny’s litter of nine adorable AKC Golden Retriever puppies will turn four weeks old tomorrow! From tiny little bundles as newborns, they have rapidly grown into plump, rigorous month old pups! 

This little girl from Windy Knoll Jenny's litter of AKC Golden pups is ready to explore

Our beautiful New England summer weather has been perfect for the pups to enjoy the outdoors. They tumble and play about in the grass, growling and wrestling, tumbling and rolling, in the way that only puppies can manage!

Puppy Peekaboo

They love to hide in the cool, soft dirt, but rapidly come tumbling out if company arrives!

Jenny's cute little AKC puppies are ready for a group romp in the New England countryside

And not only are they enjoying the delights of exploring and romping, they are well established with their introduction to food and are eagerly chowing down their meals – Zignature dog food soaked in raw, whole goat’s milk.

Esther and one of our small AKC Golden Retriever puppies share a moment together

A day in the beautiful sunny New England countryside means lots of fun play for a AKC Golden Retriever puppy

Part of their day today included receiving a dose of dewormer. They loved the taste! All three girls took turns helping to administer each puppy’s dose of medicine.

Esther snuggles a puppy while waiting to help administer puppy wormer

Mary Grace gives a hand with the dewomering of our New England raised puppies

Our cute little AKC Golden Retriever puppies actually like the taste of the liquid dewormer

All of the children had a turn helping to administer dewormer to our puppies

These cute little fellows, three out of the five males of the litter, had just finished up their afternoon meal and didn’t want to sit still for pictures!

Three curious, cute AKC Golden Retriever males from Jenny's litter

Adding two more puppies into the picture included all of these handsome young boys. The girls are just as adorable, but happened to be too busy finishing their meal to pose for pictures!

In Jenny's beautiful litter of AKC Golden pups, these are the five adorable males

At almost four weeks old, these little canines are maturing to the point where their ability to interact and play with us has vastly increased, much to the children’s delight.

As our adorable AKC Golden Retriever puppies grow, we enjoy more interaction with them

We hope that you enjoyed your day as much as we and our puppies enjoyed ours! Have a great weekend!

As sweet as can be, Jenny's almost four week old AKC Golden Retriever Puppies share a kiss

Each passing day adds cuteness to the sweet chubby faces of our almost month old AKC Golden Retriever puppies raised in the New England countryside

Romping with Polly’s Puppies (A Video)

Polly’s AKC Golden Retriever puppies are six weeks old and growing more playful each day! This morning, while preparing for the visit of our vet for the puppies first vet exam, Mary and Esther enjoying taking a break from work to play with the energetic pups. It’s hard to tell who had more fun!

Our vets came out today to give all of Polly’s puppies their first vet exam! Pictures and details will be following in a subsequent blog post as soon as I have time to put them up (I have a whole backlog of photos of both Betsy’s and Polly’s puppies) but I will let you know that all the puppies passed their health exams with flying colors! 

Golden Sunshine & Lady Margaret

Windy Knoll AKC Golden Retriever Golden Sunshine enjoying the Vermont countryside

Back in July, we visited a pristine kennel, Pot of Gold Kennel, owned and cared for by a dedicated Golden lover, Brenda.  As we toured her lovely facilities and were greeted by her beautiful AKC Goldens, we had a growing conviction that we would love to add some of their progeny to our own little family of dogs. Sweet, friendly, well mannered, calm, healthy, and beautiful, her animals exhibited all that we desired in our breeding goals for our Golden Retrievers. One female in particular, a dark red, graceful, sweet female, “Speckles,” caught our attention. To make a long story short, we made arrangements to bring home two female pups from Speckles upcoming litter.

Dark Red AKC Golden Retriever mother of Sunny and Meg

Greeting Speckles from Pot of Gold Kennel, breeder of AKC Golden Retrievers

At the beginning of this month, our two puppies were ready for us to take them home. I fell in love with their adorable faces the moment I saw them! You would think that after seeing quite a number of cute puppies, one more puppy face wouldn’t matter that much, but somehow, it does, and these faces belonging to warm, wriggling, plump, soft little bodies were coming home with me!

A Vermont raised AKC Golden Retriever for Windy Knoll Goldens

All the children were eagerly awaiting the puppies arrival, especially since Mary Grace and Esther were going to be the new owner’s! Our last new golden edition, “Stonewall Jackson,” is Jonathan’s responsibility, so the girls were eager for their own dogs. “Meg” and “Sunny” seemed equally delighted with their new companions! Windy Knoll Golden Sunshine and Windy Knoll Lady Margaret grace their AKC registration papers with official splendor, but here in real life, they  enjoy their nicknames much better!

Our new AKC Golden Retriever female, Meg, chews a toy

What’s more, they are all that we hoped for in our new Golden puppies. Meg is slightly lighter gold, and possesses such a sweet, mellow, cuddly personality. Sunny is graced with a darker golden coat, and often engages us with her warm, outgoing, friendly ways, as well as her ability to catch onto things quite quickly!

Adorable and cute, Windy Knoll ACK Golden Retriever Meg plays in the New England countryside

After a few weeks of acclimating to their new home and new companions, as well as gaining a considerable amount of size and weight, Meg and Sunny are enjoying days of romping with Jack. Jack has grown tremendously in the past few months (he’s going to be a big boy!), and at first didn’t know that his enthusiastic knocks and bumps were not healthy for his pint sized companions. Now, however, all three are inseparable, and if they aren’t playing a three way tug of war with their rope toys or sharing drinks at the water bowl, they are curled into a comfortable, sleepy heap in the sunshine.

As family breeders of AKC Goldens, it's a delight to see our children enjoy our dogs

Playful Pups Are Often Hungry!

Our growing Golden Retriever puppies need lots of nutritious food to develop healthy bodies! At five plus weeks old, our puppies love Zignature’s quality dog food, soaked in raw, whole, goat’s milk.

And a few pups enjoy a snack from Betsy, while Esther observes nearby.

A Busy Day at Windy Knoll Farm

Our Golden Retriever puppy  wants to play with us


It’s been a busy day here for us Golden Retriever Puppies at Windy Knoll Farm! Well, perhaps we’ve been busy watching the goings on more than anything else, but we’ve even gotten to be a part of a few of the happenings…

Administering Wormer to a Golden Retriever Puppy

We had wormer administered to us. Mary Grace did a good job helping Mama and we behaved very well to help out with the process.

Our AKC Golden Retriever puppies are all worn out after a morning at play in the New England countryside

It was a lot of work, and upon completion, we were all ready for a good nap! One of us was so tired, he conked out on his back!

Our children are involved with the care of our Goldens

While we napped, Mary and Esther were busy scrubbing dog buckets and dishes. They like the suds and water necessary for the job!

Clean quarters for puppies is very important

Jonathan worked hard cleaning out our indoor pens.

Working hard to take care of our golden retreivers

He even finished his side before Mama finished hers, completing the job all by himself! Great job, Jonathan!

A new dog house for our New England raised Golden Retrievers

Our new, deluxe dog houses have been in progress for a long time, and today marked the exciting milestone of actually setting them up! Greg and my father in law worked as a team to install them.

new home for our cute puppies

All set up and ready to go!

Our sweet AKC Golden Betsy relaxes as we work

Betsy relaxed on the cool garage floor, content to observe the activity around her throughout the day. We were happy to relax much later in the day, content with the results of our day’s labor. Life on Windy Knoll Farm is always busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Great News – and lots of photos!

Jenny and Betsy took a trip to our vet today …

… no, there’s nothing wrong with them: it was merely a visit for them to be pregnancy checked!

Our two expectant AKC Golden Retriever Mothers

At 25 to 28 days into a dam’s pregnancy, her pups can be felt as little soft golfball-sized balls in her uterus. After that time, those balls grow longer and are no longer as easily distinguishable, and prior to that time they are too small to be easily felt.

Beautiful blond AKC Golden Retriever Jenny

Dr. Polinger welcomed Jenny and Betsy, all four children, and myself into her cozy waiting room. A few minutes later, we made our way to a back room. Jonathan walked Jenny with the carefree enthusiasm of a four year old, while Betsy padded quietly by my side. Jenny’s turn came first. She took some gentle encouragement to hop onto the scale table, were she lay quietly while Dr. Polinger gave her a general exam and then started gently palpating her abdomen. After a few minutes, she commented,

“Yes! She’s definitely pregnant!”  Hurray! Jenny and Shep’s pups are on the way for sure!

AKC Windy Knoll Jenny poses for the camera

Betsy’s turn came next. She thought that the whole exam was just so she could enjoy a nice rub and scratch, as she relaxed on the table. The children watched carefully as Dr. Polinger palpated Betsy’s abdomen; I watched closely too, hopeful to learn a few tips from the expert! Dr. Polinger explained how and what she was feeling for – I gave it a try, but apparently, I need some more experience, as I couldn’t feel anything definite. Dr. Polinger could, though:

“Oh, yes, she’s definitely pregnant too, and it feels like quite a few in there!”

Our Golden Retriever Betsy loves to be pet

I hadn’t really had any doubts, but I still was so excited to hear such good news from our vet! Jenny and Betsy are doing wonderfully, especially enjoying the beautiful, warm, spring weather that has finally arrived in our neck of the woods. Lazing in the sunshine, ambling along on our walks, and watching the children’s enthusiastic outside play seem to be their choice of activities right now.

AKC Betsy, golden retriever, enjoys snuggles

And for those of you wondering about Polly….she’s doing well too! She hasn’t been bred yet; we’re still waiting for her to come into heat. Dr. Polinger assured me not to worry, she’ll be coming into heat soon. (And her time frame for her heat is this month anyway.) In the meantime, she is full of the enjoyment of life and beauty of spring! She was thrilled when the children were trying to climb the tree in her pen yesterday, and would have climbed it with them if she could! As she couldn’t, she contented herself with standing guard at the bottom, and preventing me from getting a good picture of her because she just had to come over to me for attention, much to close for any good photos! :o)

Our three AKC golden retriever females

And there’s more going on here – remember when I mentioned these plans?

New Doghouses for Windy Knoll Goldens

Well, work on our new dog houses/puppy houses has started in earnest! My father in law is heading up the job (along with a little bit of enthusiastic help from Jonathan, and plenty of observers in the rest of the children) and the deluxe houses are shaping up nicely! Greg and I planned and measured out two new pens yesterday in the cool beauty of the evening. We hope to start work on those soon.

Our AKC Golden Retrievers give me a warm welcome

Have a golden day….

The Moores
~ Greg & Arielle, Jonathan, Mary Grace, Esther, & Elizabeth
…and our Goldens: Shep, Betsy, Jenny, & Polly

Our three AKC golden retriever females

A Golden Retriever’s Trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens

Shep 500px

Shep in the prime of his youth!

Shep is pretty pleased with his quiet, pleasant life as the senior member of the Windy Knoll Goldens crew. This week, however, his predictable routine has changed with a trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens! Our AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep, who has sired an impressive number of wonderful golden retriever progeny, continues to leave behind him a golden legacy: he is busy breeding several of Wright’s Mountain Golden females this week! We are particularly excited, because one of the offspring of these breedings will be chosen to carry on in Shep’s stead when we retire Shep. That’s right, we will be choosing a male puppy from one of these litters to raise as our new stud! We will be choosing a female as well, as we strive to keep good lines in our future breeding plans for Windy Knoll Golden Retrievers. We are looking forward to this new phase; and look forward to staying in the puppy stage for some time now as we add these two new Golden Retrievers into our lives later this summer!

Esther helps prepare some AKC papers for AKC stud, Green Mountain Pastures Shep

Saturday morning found us preparing for Shep’s departure. Esther assisted me with some AKC paperwork I sent along with Shep.

Care of AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep is important

Next, we made sure Shep was well-groomed and as handsome as could be. Shep carries a certain regal air about him, even in such a mundane event as getting his toenails trimmed! And while his age begins to manifest itself in a generous sprinkling of white about his head and paws, Shep still has a youthful spring in his step, and often joins in the energetic games of chase that our younger Golden Retrievers engage in. A trip to the vet with testing confirmed Shep’s continued health and vitality as a stud.

Our AKC Golden Retriever Shep loves children

The children played with and petted Shep for a while before saying goodbye to him.

Snuggles for a friendly Golden Retriever at Windy Knoll Farm

Everyone loves Shep’s gentle, kindly nature – and Shep loves everyone in return!

AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep enjoys our children's play

Early afternoon found us loading Shep into the car for his trek to Wright’s Mountain Goldens. He’s having a busy week there. We’re looking forward to having him home again – and we’re also looking forward to the new Golden Retrievers that he’ll be bringing into our lives!

AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep is regal even in his older age


A Glimpse of Today…

Brushing Windy Knoll Polly

We have an over abundance of burdock plants infesting our yard, and Polly managed to run through a patch of the dried, dead stalks and pick up a nice collection of burs in her auburn coat. I figured I would enjoy giving her a good brushing out – but instead I found myself surrounded by little helpers all eager to give a hand! So we took turns, and I don’t think Polly minded all the extra attention!

AKC Golden Retriever Polly gives kisses

Jonathan carefully extracted burs with our special grooming brush, while Mary engaged in conversation with Polly.

Our Beautiful AKC Windy Knoll Polly

All brushed out, our Polly is such a beautiful girl!

AKC Windy Knoll Jenny is our blond sweetie

Jenny also received her share of attention and grooming. She proved her usefulness in a new way as she undertook the “job” of cleaning up the crumbs under our toddlers dinner seat! Goldens do like to be useful, you know!

The Results Are In….for OFA Certification

Jenny’s OFA Certification

I was quite excited to open the mailbox and find a long awaited enveloped inside! The title of the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Foundation caught my eye in an instant and I knew that I would soon know what our Windy Knoll Jenny had scored on her OFA certification tests!

akc golden retriever windy knoll jenny

Nor was I to be disappointed upon opening said envelope! Here’s what I found inside:

Jenny's OFA for Hips cpWindy Knoll Jenny OFA score for hips: OFA25-GOOD

Jenny's OFA for Elbow cp

Windy Knoll Jenny OFA score for Elbows: Normal


I hadn’t expected anything less for our beautiful girl, but it’s nice to have it “Official” now! If you are interested in learning more about the ratings and what OFA is, visit the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website.

The health of our dogs is extremely important to us: healthy dogs produce healthy puppies who have a much great chance at excelling in life as great companions, pets, and canines. It is our goal to get every one of our Goldens off to the best start possible, and completing OFA on our adult dogs is just one aspect of that.