“Phenomenal Hips!”

“He’s got phenomenal hips!”  Those were the words Dr. Keith Clement of Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital used to describe the results of the recent PennHIP results for our gorgeous Golden guy, Ulysses S. Grant of Windy Knoll Goldens. “There’s basically no possibility of him having any hip issues,” was an additional comment he made as … Read more

Food, Fun, and Frolic for Jenny’s Puppies

Jenny’s litter of nine adorable AKC Golden Retriever puppies will turn four weeks old tomorrow! From tiny little bundles as newborns, they have rapidly grown into plump, rigorous month old pups!  Our beautiful New England summer weather has been perfect for the pups to enjoy the outdoors. They tumble and play about in the grass, … Read more

Romping with Polly’s Puppies (A Video)

Polly’s AKC Golden Retriever puppies are six weeks old and growing more playful each day! This morning, while preparing for the visit of our vet for the puppies first vet exam, Mary and Esther enjoying taking a break from work to play with the energetic pups. It’s hard to tell who had more fun! Our … Read more

Golden Sunshine & Lady Margaret

Back in July, we visited a pristine kennel, Pot of Gold Kennel, owned and cared for by a dedicated Golden lover, Brenda.  As we toured her lovely facilities and were greeted by her beautiful AKC Goldens, we had a growing conviction that we would love to add some of their progeny to our own little … Read more

Playful Pups Are Often Hungry!

Our growing Golden Retriever puppies need lots of nutritious food to develop healthy bodies! At five plus weeks old, our puppies love Zignature’s quality dog food, soaked in raw, whole, goat’s milk. And a few pups enjoy a snack from Betsy, while Esther observes nearby.

A Busy Day at Windy Knoll Farm

HELLO! It’s been a busy day here for us Golden Retriever Puppies at Windy Knoll Farm! Well, perhaps we’ve been busy watching the goings on more than anything else, but we’ve even gotten to be a part of a few of the happenings… We had wormer administered to us. Mary Grace did a good job … Read more

Great News – and lots of photos!

Jenny and Betsy took a trip to our vet today … … no, there’s nothing wrong with them: it was merely a visit for them to be pregnancy checked! At 25 to 28 days into a dam’s pregnancy, her pups can be felt as little soft golfball-sized balls in her uterus. After that time, those … Read more

A Golden Retriever’s Trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens

Shep is pretty pleased with his quiet, pleasant life as the senior member of the Windy Knoll Goldens crew. This week, however, his predictable routine has changed with a trip to Wrights Mountain Goldens! Our AKC Green Mountain Pastures Shep, who has sired an impressive number of wonderful golden retriever progeny, continues to leave behind … Read more

A Glimpse of Today…

We have an over abundance of burdock plants infesting our yard, and Polly managed to run through a patch of the dried, dead stalks and pick up a nice collection of burs in her auburn coat. I figured I would enjoy giving her a good brushing out – but instead I found myself surrounded by … Read more

The Results Are In….for OFA Certification

Jenny’s OFA Certification I was quite excited to open the mailbox and find a long awaited enveloped inside! The title of the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Foundation caught my eye in an instant and I knew that I would soon know what our Windy Knoll Jenny had scored on her OFA certification tests! Nor … Read more