AKC Golden Retriever Puppies

Betsy’s AKC Golden Retriever Puppies are getting bigger every day! They have had an eventful week, which has included their eye’s opening, and their rapid progression from crawling about their pen to stumbling about, to actually walking around now, and eagerly greeting us when we enter their premises! They are finding their little voices, as well, and a delightful series of little growls, barks, grunts and squeals often chorus out when they are awake.

AKC Dark Red Golden Betsy With PuppiesAKC Dark Red Golden PuppiesThe puppies also enjoyed their first experience of being outdoors one warm day when we cleaned out their pen. Some took their adventure enthusiastically, exploring the new feel of fresh, soft grass beneath their little plump bodies. Most must have found it tiring, as they soon collapsed in an unconcerned heap to sleep away yet again! We took advantage of their slumbers to get the cleaning of their pen done!

Children Adding Bedding Cleaning Puppy Pen

I had two good helpers to get the job done quickly! From removing the littered bedding to spraying down with vinegar, to spreading a fresh layer of soft, fragrant wood shavings, Mary Grace and Jonathan lent their helping hands. When needing a break from those tasks, they gladly took on the job of cuddling some of the pups! :o)

Fun Holding Golden Retriever Puppies

And when the pens were fresh and clean and the sleeping pups returned to their slumbers in their soft clean bedding, who wouldn’t want to grab scrub brush and water and splash away while washing the dog bowls and water buckets!?

ChoresJonathan Cleaning Out Buckets

And of course, we couldn’t forget the daddy of all the cute pups around here. Shep enjoyed one of his favorite activities  –  a good brushing out – while relaxing on the lawn.


Our Male Shep Golden Retriever Goldens Have Lots of Hair

So there you have a glimpse into the pup’s life here on Windy Knoll Farm this past week! Sometimes, taking care of pups is just a nonchalant, relaxed experience….

A Real Live Golden Puppy

…Other times, such as when you have the responsibility of keeping two puppies soothed and sleeping, it becomes a more earnest task.

Practicing Being a Mommy

Either way, though, it is sure to be fun and rewarding!