A Walk at Windy Knoll Farm

We've been pretty busy with these adorable pups...

We’ve been pretty busy with these adorable pups…

 Feeding pups, playing with pups, worming pups, cleaning puppy supplies, cuddling pups – there’s a lot to the everyday care and enjoyment of these special little goldens! But occasionally, it’s time to take a break and focus on the adult dogs who just might be a little envious of all the attention showered on the littlest members of our canine family! Today proved a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a mild summer morning and our quiet dirt road together with Betsy and Polly on a walk at Windy Knoll Farm.

A Walk at Windy Knoll Farm
Little Mary walks our golden retriever Betsy

Mary Grace and Betsy shared a leisurely start to the walk, while Polly,  who is, after all, just a seven month old pup herself, was ready for adventure. After a ways, the responsibility of walking even so sweet and gentle a dog as Betsy became rather serious for two year old Mary, who was decided to hand off the leash to Mama.

A Walk at Windy Knoll Farm
Our Golden Retriever AKC Betsy and Polly take a walk

Once we made it past the temptation of our immediate friendly neighbors (because Betsy and Polly, being goldens, can hardly resist saying a friendly hello to one and all), leashes came off and then the adventure really began ! Betsy is happy to trot along with the crowd, while Polly finds it very exciting to explore here and there, dashing back and forth with her nose in constant action.

Polly thinks Vermont is a perfect place for a golden retriever

However, she is happy to stop in the midst of her adventure and enjoy the gentle pats that Mary bestows upon her.

Golden Retrievers love people and attention

Betsy is also eager to stay at my side for her own spoiling!

Dark golden retrievers raised in the Vermont

Beautiful fields often stretch on either side of our road, lush with tall, green grass. Even staid, motherly Betsy joined in a game of romps with delighted Polly, who bounded and chased to her hearts content.

Our AKC Goldens enjoying a romp in the vermont countryside

Over two miles later, we turn back in at our own driveway, with sun kissed, windblown, happy, and tired children and dogs. And guess what sight greets our eyes?

Greeted by the puppies

Don’t worry, little pups! Your turn for walks is coming right up just as fast as you are growing!