Dr. Polinger comes to Windy Knoll Farm

 Today marked a big event in our AKC Golden Retriever Puppies’ young lives! Dr. Polinger, our wonderful vet, made an afternoon trip out to Windy Knoll Farm to give a thorough exam to each one of our adorable young’uns, making sure of their vitality and health! The sun cast pretty patterns of light through the shady leaves of the large maple tree, while the puppies gave enthusiastic greetings with their little voices as each one received his check up.

Red Collar Boy, our AKC Golden Male Pup, greets the vet
How do you do?

Betsy’s Little Red Collar Boy greeted Dr. Polinger politely and gravely, with an obliging step up on to the scale for the first part of the check-up. Every last one of the puppies remained calm, well mannered, and submissive under the careful hands of our vet.

Vet Dr. Polinger Checking the heart rate of our little golden girl

Some of them were a little more curious, a few a bit more timid and nervous…and some couldn’t have been more relaxed about the whole experience!

AKC Golden Retriever Male Pup relaxes during vet exam
This little guy couldn’t have been less concerned while awaiting his vaccination.

First came weight in time. With nineteen pups, we had a weight range of between 5 and 7.5 lbs. Yes, their still just babies at barely seven weeks old – but even so, they’ve grown and developed so much over the last two weeks!

Weigh in time for our little Golden Retriever Girl
I know, not everyone likes their weight made public!

Our vet Dr. Polinger then made a thorough check of the entire puppy, her quick, efficient hands moving firmly and gently over the soft, fluffy golden fur, and warm, plump body.

Hi Sweetie. Let's see how you are.
Hi Sweetie. Let’s see how you are.
Veterinary first puppy exam for our Vermont Raised, Vet Checked Golden Retriever pups
Yes, it’s a little awkward, but even those ears need a professional examination!

Meanwhile, Betsy’s pups await their turns in the “holding pen,” watching the proceedings with bright curious eyes.

Windy Knoll AKC Golden Retriever puppies waiting to vet checked

And Jenny’s pups, who had the privilege of going first, are equally anxious to keep track of the happenings of their fellow canines from their own secure waiting place.

Windy Knoll AKC Goldens watching the vet

Weighing one of Bety's Golden Girls
One of Betsy’s pretty dark golden girls is a little tentative on the scale.

Even the ending aspect of the check-up, their first shot, hardly phased the puppies.

A snuggly, friendly pup.
Cheryl, our neighbor, fellow dog lover, and our personal dog-sitter, popped over to watch the proceedings and give a hand. She has special reason to be particularly interested, as one of these little cuties is going to be her own!

At the end of the afternoon, we were so glad to have nineteen whole, healthy, happy … and very tired little pups! They were quite ready to refresh themselves with a meal, and curl up for a long snooze.

Our many thanks to Dr. Polinger and her husband Steve for their hard work ensuring our little goldens are thriving!