The Way A Welcome Should Be

AKC Golden Retrievers welcome us home
Betsy’s Puppies saying “Hello.”

Most dogs love their people. They thrive on the companionship and relationship of their human masters. Golden Retrievers in particular just love us, manifesting this by their enthusiasm in our presence and constant desire for our attention and pleasure. Even our six week old puppies are already well established lovers of humanity!

Upon our return home this afternoon from Jonathan’s birthday adventure, we were welcomed home in the most enthusiastic way. Nineteen little puppy tails nearly wagged off while nineteen plump little bodies came tumbling excited over to the fence edge,  a happy little growl or bark sounded out here and there among them, eagerly giving us our welcome home.

Golden Retreiver pups Welcoming family home to
Jenny’s puppies are just as eager to greet us.
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