Golden Betsy: Hero of the day!

Our Golden Betsy

Golden Betsy: Worth more than gold

I’ve always know that our AKC Golden Betsy’s sweet, nurturing spirit is part of what makes her such a good mother and wonderful Golden Retriever. She proved today, though, that she goes above and beyond in her diligence and care of her young ones, and that she’s got spunk and courage when she needs it!

As usual, we headed off to church for the morning, leaving the dogs and puppies fed, watered, and in their respective pens. Betsy has the privilege of remaining free, as she doesn’t take undue advantage of that situation when we are absent. Upon our return home some time later, everything appeared to be just fine. Cheryl, our neighbor, showed up just minutes afterward, however, and related the following story:

She was visiting along with some of her family when she noticed that Betsy was making an unusual commotion in our yard, barking and whining as she repeatedly hurried from the puppy pen where her puppies reside, just past our mailbox, onto Cheryl’s lawn. When that unusual behavior continued, Cheryl began to wonder aloud if anything was amiss. Her son commented that he thought he saw some puppies out of the pen. Cheryl kindly came over to investigate – and sure enough, there were four of Betsy’s plump little gold puppies romping on the grass OUTSIDE the pen. A small break in the fence provided them with the perfect path to their “freedom.” With Betsy to notice the dilemma, however, they had little opportunity to stray far! Betsy knew she was on her own since we were gone, so inbetween carefully herding the migrant pups back towards the safety of their pen, she’d taken pains to inform her next closest source of help, Cheryl, of her need for help!

I was quite proud of our Betsy when heard of what she’d done! It’s just like the “story book” dogs – only it was for real, and it was our Betsy!

Good Girl, Betsy!

Betsy our Hero