Home Sweet Home for our Puppies

Our Blonde AKC Golden Retriever Girl and her new owner

It seems very quiet around Windy Knoll Farm. We’ve been quite busy over the last week sending our puppies off to their new homes. As of today, the last of our sweet little pups were united with their new owners, leaving an empty space behind! We are going to miss their delightful antics, special cuddles, fun playtimes, and plain old cuteness – but as Mary Grace very practically explained, when asked if she would miss the puppies, “Yes, but we’ll have more puppies again!” And we are so glad that now their new owners are experiencing the joy of their very own special little Golden Retriever! After all the time, labor, and love poured into raising our little goldens, it is a very satisfying and rewarding experience to witness the meeting of an individual or a family and their new pup, and to know that it’s just the beginning of a wonderful relationship for all involved!

"Benson" and a new friend

We are so thankful to all of you who are providing such wonderful new homes for our goldens!

Our AKC Golden Retriever Girl is happy in the arms of her new family

Sometimes, it’s just as special to see a new friendship developing between new and old furry family members! These two shared a calm, instant repoire! It was truly amazing to see!

This young girl is delighted with her new AKC Golden Retriever puppy, raised in the beauty of Vermont

With all the busyness of sending off all the puppies lately, I have hardly taken time to think of “life after puppies.” This afternoon, however, it suddenly hit me that in just a few short hours, we’d have no more puppies! So, what could I do but set aside other work, grab my camera, and head out to the puppy pen to grab one last chance at snuggles, play, and photos. When the children awoke from their naps, they joined me in a few last romps. We had a great time!

Raw Goat's Milk for optimal health for our Golden Retrievers
We made sure to serve the pups one last treat. What could be better on a warm summer day than some cold, partially frozen raw goat’s milk? Hmm, hmm …they approved!
A sweet gentle golden girl
So sweet and gentle, this little girl willingly posed for me to take a farewell photo of her. She proved herself such a little lady, and became Esther’s favorite, since she suited the enthusiasm of her greetings and play to the needs of a one year old.
Just one aspect of socializing our golden retriever pups
Jonathan enjoyed a few last romps together with the puppies, who loved to follow his little tricycle!
Children and golden retriever puppies make great companions
He contemplated sharing his afternoon snack, but decided that just a sniff of the peel was sufficient for puppy.
Esther bids farewell to her little friend. She didn’t comprehend that it was the last time with the puppy; she was just glad for the opportunity to practice her newly discovered vocabulary: “Bye-Bye!” She has shown a great interest in our dogs and puppies, so I am sure she will be an eager helper when the next litter of pups arrive!

We’re so thankful we had the opportunity to care for and raise these fine pups for as long as we did! We’re equally thankful that each one of them is safely off to wonderful new homes and lives!

And we’ll look forward to new litters of goldens to enjoy next year!


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