A Winter Wonderland for Golden Retrievers!

We’ve been experiencing a stretch of rather brisk winter weather here in Vermont. For several days, the temperature has barely reached the five degree mark in the middle of the day – and yes, that is five degrees Fahrenheit! Add to that the stiff breeze that seems to be a constant presence here at Windy Knoll Farm, and you’ve got the best of the New England cold! Hot tea and snuggles by the fire are an effective way of combating the chill. Or, if you’re a Golden Retriever, a comfy spot on the rug near the hearthside also does the trick!AKC Windy Knoll Betsy

Betsy is the current happy occupant of said rug. However, even such a cozy situation does get rather boring after a while…AKC Golden Retriever

What to do to pass the time? Ahh, here comes some help…Back Scratches for AKC Golden Retriever Betsy

Much better! A backscratch from Jonathan…AKC Golden Retriever loves scratches!

…whether by hand or foot, is just the thing to ease boredom.Foot back rubs enjoyed by golden retriever Betsy

Jonathan enjoys companionship with Betsy. He hopes to entice her to give him a kiss…Windy Knoll Vermont Golden Retriever Kisses…and Betsy is happy to oblige.AKC Windy Knoll Betsy gives a kiss

A little conversation from Esther is also a pleasant diversion. However, Esther prefers to avoid the kisses, so she doesn’t venture to close. Children and Golden Retrievers - perfect fit

And this, folks, is the way our days are passing by! Our wonderful children and our golden retrievers keep us pleasantly busy even in the midst of this cold snap. We hope you all are staying warm and enjoying your children and/or canine companions too!

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