A Winter Walk With Our Goldens

Walking with Windy Knoll Goldens

I can’t think of a better way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon than a winter walk with the whole family – our Goldens included! And since it warmed up to balmy temperatures in the twenties (that’s balmy compared to temperatures in the single digits or lower!), it was a perfect opportunity for one and all to bundle up and get outside for some fresh air, exercise, and fun family time.

Children and Golden Retrievers are good companions

Mary and Shep strolled along companionably.

Golden Retrievers like the snow

Polly loved bounding into the deep, fluffy snowbanks lining the road when she was exploring off-leash. Windy Knoll AKC Polly enjoys the snow

She couldn’t make it off the road very far unless she bounded through chest deep snow drifts! With her enthusiastic, Golden eagerness, however, the snow only posed a fun challenge to tackle. Moores walking AKC Golden Retrievers in Vermont

Shep and Betsy were happy to stay close to our sides. Betsy took one big leap off a snow bank and nearly buried herself in the snow, so after that she was happy to remain on the plowed road surface.


Windy Knoll Goldens and Moores enjoy the Vermont Winter

We paused in our walk to watch the skills of a neighboring snowmobiler zipping through the white fields. Even the dogs found it fascinating!

Have you taken your Goldens for a winter walk? You just might enjoy it as much as they do!