Betsy & Shep’s AKC Golden Retriever Puppies Coming June 2015

We’re so glad to tell you the news…

Windy Knoll Betsy has been bred by Green Mountain Pastures Shep this week!

Betsy and Shep’s puppies are due to arrive around June 8th – just nine short weeks away! Betsy is an experienced and devoted mother, and she’ll take the next several months in stride, busy with gentle exercising, resting, and enjoying good, nutritious food as she grows this litter of young ones.

We’re looking forward to enjoying those cute puppies soon – the children are especially excited about new little canine playmates in the near future. Time will fly as we busily prepare for the addition of cute new little Golden Retrievers!

We’ll continue to keep you posted with updates from Windy Knoll Farm, on our Windy Knoll Golden Retrievers!

Have a golden day….

The Moores
~ Greg & Arielle, Jonathan, Mary Grace, Esther, & Elizabeth
…and our Goldens: Shep, Betsy, Jenny, & Polly

AKC Golden Retrievers

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