New Leashes!

On our return from a recent out of state trip, we enjoyed stopping en route at Kittery Trading Post – a well known tourist attraction in Southern Maine that has also become a favorite rest stop of ours.

As we stretched our legs, browsing around in the vast, interesting assortment of outdoor gear, we came across just the right section – dog gear! As I browsed through the supplies, I found it interesting how many of the products featured Golden Retrievers in their marketing and packaging – “Good choice!” I commented to Greg. There IS a reason Golden Retriever’s are such a popular breed – just one look at a photo of a regal, gentle, loyal, and beautiful Golden Retriever brings a whole host of pleasant connotations to my mind, and probably to anyone else’s mind who has had the pleasure of interacting with one of these canines!

Looking through the dog supplies at Kittery Trading Post reminded Greg and I that we needed a few more new leashes in our stock. Jonathan, Mary Grace, and Esther were delighted to help us by choosing the colors! Jonathan and Mary are increasingly interested in taking responsibility for the dogs, often claiming ownership of one or another, and they’re having a great time using the new leashes when walking Shep, Betsy, Jenny or Polly!

New Leashes for our AKC Windy Knoll Golden Retrievers

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