Children and Golden Retrievers – Perfect Companions

Jonathan is four and a half years old, and enjoyed learning how to walk Jenny with confidence and authority recently.

One of the well know and loved traits of Golden Retrievers is their amicable, friendly, and trustworthy nature that suit them so well to the family. In fact, these very traits are some of the primary reasons Golden Retrievers rank as our dog breed of choice! Having four young children, it is quite important to us that any dog who is part of our family possess these qualities in abundance – and our goldens have never failed us! Not only are Goldens great with children, they are also intelligent animals who are quick to catch on to training.

Jenny began to take liberties once she realized that Jonathan was on the other end of the leash.
Jenny began to take liberties once she realized that Jonathan was on the other end of the leash.

On a recent outing, Jonathan requested to walk Jenny. Before long, Jenny realized that a little person was on the other end of the leash, and thought it was a good opportunity to test the advisability of wandering away from Jonathan’s side.

A great deal of concentration is necessary when entrusted with the responsibility of training Jenny!

It was the perfect opportunity to show Jonathan how to manage Jenny, teaching her to respect him as the authority, and the one to follow. Jonathan did great as Greg guided him through teaching Jenny. In just a short time, both were strolling down the road as a confident pair; Jonathan proudly holding onto the leash as Jenny trotted contentedly at his side.

A happy pair.
A happy pair.

So in case you are wondering: YES, children and Golden Retrievers are a wonderful combination!


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  1. Great pictures! My cousins had many Golden retrievers- often we’d go for hikes with the dogs. It was fun to have them along because they commanded well!