Vet Exams For Our Golden Retriever Puppies

Our AKC Golden Retriever puppies are vet checked before they leave our vermont home

Today marked the date the our puppies are only one day shy of six weeks old – and also marked the occasion of our vet, Dr. Dru Polinger, along with her assistant, her husband Steve, coming out to Windy Knoll Farm to give vet exams for our Golden Retriever puppies.

Dr. Polinger and Steve are not only our well loved vets, but have also become friends — truly the best kind of “professional relationship” to enjoy!

Betsy and Jenny succeeded in distracting the children from helping to set up for the vet’s visit! :o)

Children and Golden Retrievers get along great

All fifteen puppies awaited their turn in our small “holding” pen, some quietly observing the proceedings, some vocally ensuring their turn, and some sleeping through the event!

AKC Golden Retriever puppies waiting to be vet examined

Dr. Polinger gently and thoroughly examined each of our young canines. First up came the weigh in – and these puppies of 2015 hold the record of averaging out as  the largest (in terms of weight) of our litters!

Healthy AKC Golden Retriever puppy gets weighed at her first vet exam

A careful palpation of the entire body followed weigh in, and all the pups exhibited good manners as they relaxed under the experienced hands of Dr. Polinger. Ears were checked.

A thorough vet exam for AKC Golden Retriever puppies in New England includes an ear check
“Tan Collar Girl”

Dr. Polinger listened the the heart rate.

Our New England raised AKC puppies are all vet checked prior to leaving Windy Knoll Farm

Shots were administered.

Vaccinations by our vet for our vermont raised golden retriever puppies

And yes, sometimes it’s important to have an animated discussion as a puppy’s belly is checked!

Our vet is very careful and caring in checking our New England raised Golden Retriever pups

Each little mouth and all the little teeth came under scrutiny.

Our New England raised AKC Golden Retriever puppies are all examined by a vet

The last step of exam included the inspection of those soft, adoring eyes with Dr. Polinger’s special light. The children were quite fascinated by it (actually, I was too), but I think the puppies were happy when the step was concluded.

Checking our AKC Golden Retriever puppy's eyes is part of the six week vet exam

Cheryl, our neighbor and loyal, faithful caretaker of our dogs when we are absent, lent a helping hand during the puppies examinations.

Goldens get along great with people of all ages

Jonathan and Mary also lent a helping hand as puppies were shuttled from the holding pen to the exam table and then back to their home sweet home play yard.

Jonathan helps as our AKC Golden Retriever puppies are vet checked at six weeks of age
Jonathan and “Huckleberry”

This little guy was quite the armload for Mary Grace…,

Windy Knoll Golden Retriever puppies are getting heavy for Mary to carry
Mary and “Ranger”

…but she managed to make it over the scale with just a little bit of help!

Children and Golden Retriever puppies working together

We’re so glad to report that all of our Golden Retriever puppies passed their health checks with flying colors and excellent manners! Our thanks goes to Dr. Polinger and Steve for their great care of our dogs and puppies!

Windy Knoll AKC Golden Retriever puppies are well socialized with children


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