Windy Knoll Polly & Green Mountain Pastures Shep Puppies on the Way

It’s THE NEWS you’ve been waiting for all summer! Yes, at long last:

AKC Golden Retrievers

Our beautiful Windy Knoll Polly has been bred by Green Mountain Pastures Shep this week!

We have Polly and Shep puppies on the way! Polly and Shep’s first litter of puppies will arrive around the first week of November. This is Polly’s first litter and we’re looking forward to these pups: With the combination of Shep’s regal bearing, intelligence, friendly and cuddly personality and Polly’s bright, happy, friendly, intelligent traits, not to mention beautiful dark red coats of both parents, we have high anticipation of their offspring! Twenty-five to twenty-eight days into Polly’s gestation, we will have her pregnancy checked by our vet to confirm her pregnancy.

We will update you at the that time, and look forward to sending you subsequent news on our Polly and Shep’s AKC Golden Retriever Puppies coming up!

Have a golden day,
The Moores
Our Windy Knoll Goldens: Shep, Betsy, Jenny, Polly, and Stonewall Jackson

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