Look Whose Here…

Polly and Shep’s beautiful puppies have arrived!

Polly’s due date, on Thursday, passed quietly with no signs of imminent labor. Late Friday afternoon, November 6, an unusually balmy day for season, however, some serious activity indicated that Polly’s puppies were on the way! Several hours later, Polly had completed her labor with relative ease, and was resting quietly with her NINE healthy, hungry little Golden Retriever puppies! Six girls and three boys nursed contentedly. All are doing well nearly 48  hours later while Polly is busy transitioning into the role (a busy one, I might say!) of mother of many.

Windy Knoll breeders of AKC Golden Retrievers welcome Polly's first litter of puppies

For those of you who have made reservations for this litter or are on our wait list for this litter, please note: I will be contacting you via phone or email within the next several days to confirm with you where you are in the list and (for those on the wait list) if you still have interest in making a reservation for one of the available puppies. If you don’t hear from me right away, have no fears; I have not forgotten you but have simply been too busy, or am waiting to hear back from a person prior to you to see what puppies will be available.


Our children love to watch the tiny, wiggling, golden retriever puppies at only 12 hours old
Esther, Jonathan, and Mary Grace were quite eager to visit the puppies the morning after their arrival! Mary is especially eager for the pups to get just a little older so she can snuggle them.
Watching newborn AKC Golden Retriever puppies is facinating
Elizabeth is fascinated….
Watching newborn AKC Golden Retriever puppies is delightful
…and delighted with Polly’s tiny pups!

We will also post photos and updates as possible here on our blog and facebook – so stay tuned!