A Home for Molly…

Molly, an AKC Golden Retriever looking for a new home

Molly is an energetic and beautiful one and a half year old dark golden AKC Golden Retriever female who is looking for a new home.

Molly’s current owners, Mark and Laurie, will soon be welcoming a very elderly father into their home to care for him, and Molly does not get along well with his dogs. In the best interest of her father, Laurie is seeking to find a wonderful, loving home that will give Molly all the love, attention, care, and exercise she needs, and enjoy her enthusiastic golden personality. Molly is located in the Westminster, MA. area, and will make a great companion for someone who wants to skip the puppy stage of dog ownership but still enjoy a young dog’s energy and enthusiasm. You can contact Mark and Laurie at: [email protected] or 978-874-5600 for more information.

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  1. Hi Mark and Laurie, My name is Jess Hart and I live in Princeton with my husband and two teenage daughters. Last year our Golden, Chelsea, passed away after having had her for 12 years, and we miss her dearly. We had not gotten another dog yet because we weren’t ready. I like to hike the mountain and always took Chelsea with me, or maybe she took me with her… at any rate, Perhaps you have found a home for her, but we are very interested in the possibility. We used to have 3 cats and two dogs(malamute and golden), but are now just down to one cat. My husband, Terry, and I also work, but Terry works here in Princeton and can take a dog with him where ever he goes. Please let us know if you have or have not found a home for Molly. Thank you.

  2. Hi I have a six month old lab mix male how dose Molly do with other dogs? Is it an issue with all dogs or just some? Is she house, leash and crate trained?

  3. I kept a male & female who also is year and half old. My other female golden is to be bread with Topbrass who in the summer is in Stowe Vermont Winters in Florida. I also have the father Remi who just turned 9. Also up for stud service if interested. I 2 have clearances on everyone. 845-7448043 Marie

  4. Would like to talk to you about molly.i have a 11 yr old golden and would like a friend although shes 11 shes still spunky and playful

  5. I wrote and called and hope. Any word on the Westminster Golden the people can no longer keep?
    We would love to talk to you about her.

  6. We might be interested. We have a 13-year old golden, who is now very docile and gets along with with the younger, more agressive dogs of our children

  7. Already adopted? My husband and I had a golden retriever for almost 15 years… We still miss her. Please let us know – but one thing for sure we will not be able to have a dog until middle of February. We will be away.

  8. Then get rid of his dogs, That is not fair that she has to go But sorry if my elderly parent was coming into my home with dogs of his own they would have to go not mine.

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