Food, Fun, and Frolic for Jenny’s Puppies

Jenny’s litter of nine adorable AKC Golden Retriever puppies will turn four weeks old tomorrow! From tiny little bundles as newborns, they have rapidly grown into plump, rigorous month old pups! 

This little girl from Windy Knoll Jenny's litter of AKC Golden pups is ready to explore

Our beautiful New England summer weather has been perfect for the pups to enjoy the outdoors. They tumble and play about in the grass, growling and wrestling, tumbling and rolling, in the way that only puppies can manage!

Puppy Peekaboo

They love to hide in the cool, soft dirt, but rapidly come tumbling out if company arrives!

Jenny's cute little AKC puppies are ready for a group romp in the New England countryside

And not only are they enjoying the delights of exploring and romping, they are well established with their introduction to food and are eagerly chowing down their meals – Zignature dog food soaked in raw, whole goat’s milk.

Esther and one of our small AKC Golden Retriever puppies share a moment together

A day in the beautiful sunny New England countryside means lots of fun play for a AKC Golden Retriever puppy

Part of their day today included receiving a dose of dewormer. They loved the taste! All three girls took turns helping to administer each puppy’s dose of medicine.

Esther snuggles a puppy while waiting to help administer puppy wormer

Mary Grace gives a hand with the dewomering of our New England raised puppies

Our cute little AKC Golden Retriever puppies actually like the taste of the liquid dewormer

All of the children had a turn helping to administer dewormer to our puppies

These cute little fellows, three out of the five males of the litter, had just finished up their afternoon meal and didn’t want to sit still for pictures!

Three curious, cute AKC Golden Retriever males from Jenny's litter

Adding two more puppies into the picture included all of these handsome young boys. The girls are just as adorable, but happened to be too busy finishing their meal to pose for pictures!

In Jenny's beautiful litter of AKC Golden pups, these are the five adorable males

At almost four weeks old, these little canines are maturing to the point where their ability to interact and play with us has vastly increased, much to the children’s delight.

As our adorable AKC Golden Retriever puppies grow, we enjoy more interaction with them

We hope that you enjoyed your day as much as we and our puppies enjoyed ours! Have a great weekend!

As sweet as can be, Jenny's almost four week old AKC Golden Retriever Puppies share a kiss

Each passing day adds cuteness to the sweet chubby faces of our almost month old AKC Golden Retriever puppies raised in the New England countryside