Golden Retriever Puppies from Windy Knoll Betsy & Green Mountain Pastures Shep!

A lot of you have been waiting on this news – and we are so delighted to share it with you now!

Our sweet, dark red, lovely Windy Knoll Betsy has been bred with handsome, friendly, dark red Green Mountain Pastures Shep!


Betsy and Shep’s  puppies are due to arrive around October 25th, 2016, and we are quite excited about this litter. You see, our wonderful sire Shep, has given us many beautiful puppies who have inherited his friendly, intelligent golden personality and regal, dark red looks. Shep and Betsy seem to be an exceptional combination for producing outstanding, good nature, dark red, beauitful AKC golden pups, but Shep is now a senior member of the canine clan here. At eleven, nearing twelve years old, it  is a mark of his health and longevity that he is able sire this special litter – his last litter with our Betsy. We’re so excited for one more opportunity to use this wonderful dog and we’re so excited for those of you who will have the opportunity for enjoying Shep’s progeny from this litter!

Stay tuned for a pregnancy check update in several weeks.

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One Response

  1. What beauties!!!! I think one of them might just be the birthday present!!!Th big 6-0!!! Our 8 year old Golden needs some companionship after losing our 14 year old black Lab in July…..:O(