Puppies Arrive At Windy Knoll Farm!

It’s a great time of the year here in Vermont: crisp fall days still have a hint of the warm summer sun tinged with the invigorating, fresh coolness of autumn. Autumn hues of red, yellow, and orange are blazing against blue skies and heavy laden apple orchards. And here at Windy Knoll Farm, we’ve had puppies arrive!

That’s right, Betsy and Shep’s puppies were born on Monday, October 17, 2016!


Betsy and Shep’s litter is a fine, healthy, beautiful litter of little AKC Golden Retrievers.  Betsy, who is an experienced and very devoted mother, is taking good care of her seven puppies: five little males and two little females. They are nursing and sleeping like champs, and are already busy growing as fast as they can.


Our children are delighted to once again have puppies to enjoy, and eagerly shower Betsy with visits. They exclaim over the cuteness of the puppies and can hardly wait to snuggle them. Betsy, for her part, is delighted with all the  attention she well deserves.


Those of you who are on our wait list for this litter will be receiving an email from us shortly, letting you know if we have a puppy available for you from this litter, and inquiring if you are still interested in placing a deposit to reserve a puppy. We work on a first come, first serve basis, after our pick of the litter male and pick of the litter female have been fulfilled, so if you are farther down the list, please be patience as we work our way through and hear back from the first individuals. We look forward to being in touch with you!


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