A New Record At Windy Knoll Farm!

Well folks, it’s March 7th – two days before our Windy Knoll Jenny’s litter of AKC Goldens were due to arrive. And, yes, you did read that sentence correctly. I did say “were” ready to arrive – because those pups have already arrived!

Jenny presented us with her and Brodie’s beautiful litter of puppies nearly a week early on March 3, 2017. Jenny’s labor and delivery progressed slowly, but smoothly, each of her seven puppies arriving healthy and strong, and ready to nurse! The surprise came later, after the adorable little pups had settled in nicely and Jenny enjoyed a much deserved refreshing drink of honey water and a tasty meal.

The surprise also set a new record here at Windy Knoll Farm. What is that? you ask. Jenny has an entire litter of little boys – seven adorable males!

This is definitely a first time experience for us, but we’re thrilled with seven healthy new little canines, and are delighted that they are thriving and growing, busy eating and sleeping over the last several days, nurtured under Jenny’s loving care!

Those of you who are on our wait list for this litter will be receiving an email from us shortly, letting you know if we have a puppy available for you from this litter, and inquiring if you are still interested in placing a deposit to reserve a puppy. We work on a first come, first serve basis, after our pick of the litter male and pick of the litter female have been fulfilled, so if you are farther down the list, please be patience as we work our way through and hear back from the first individuals. We look forward to being in touch with you!

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