Spring Day, Cute Puppies, and New Collars at Windy Knoll Goldens!

Jenny’s seven puppies were thrilled that we had some real spring weather today: sunny, almost sixty degrees, and just lovely for playing outdoors! Those cute puppies played all afternoon in the grass, gravel, dirt, and yes, mud!

A few puppies enjoyed a ride, complete with blanket, in the stroller!

Part of the afternoon was spent marking each little guy with his own bright colored, soft collar, making for easy identification. The children enjoyed picking out different colors, and helping fix each one around the soft, fluffy necks.

The puppies weren’t quite sure about this new “thing” around their necks. Some decided it was time for a nap in the shade, while a few sat down to scratch their necks as they acquainted themselves with the new paraphernalia.

Is it my turn yet?

I think that this little blond fellow is perfectly cute in the bright red collar Mary chose for him!

It’s been about two weeks since I last posted pictures – haven’t these little guys grown tremendously?!

While they have indeed attained much stature, they’ve retained (or added to) their puppy cuteness!

This is what it looks like when you are hoping to get a magazine style photo with smiling children and cute puppies perfectly lined up and looking at the camera, but reality is that seven energetic, playful puppies just don’t understand the importance of cooperating! All seven, however, are in the photo!

If there is anyone out here hoping to add a family raised, lovely AKC Golden Retriever puppy to their family this spring: we have one little male who has become available from this litter! Circumstances in the prior new owner were not working out correctly for a puppy at this time, so if you are interested in a new canine companion, please contact us to find out if you would be the right fit for this little pup!