A Golden Puppy’s Home Sweet Home

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks here, with most of Jenny’s beautiful little AKC Golden Retriever puppies heading off to their new homes last weekend, and a few over the last week. As usual, it proves to be a joy getting to meet and connect with the lovely families, couples, or individuals who are giving our pups their new, forever homes. It’s equally rewarding to see each puppy connect with their new family, and see the joy and love shared from the start! This always makes all the hours, all the work, all the worrying over each pup well worth it to us! Just take a look at that little guy in the photo, taken shortly after he arrived home with his wonderful new family! Doesn’t it look like he is settling in well? Here are a few comments from his new family:

It was truly a pleasure to visit your place yesterday!  Lego is such a beautiful addition to our family and we are just thrilled with our choice.

This is our first puppy and, although I cannot make comparisons with other breeders (I don’t plan on ever having to as I would return to WKG in a heartbeat), the process of adoption from beginning to end, was pleasantly seamless.  We joined the wait-list last year and it certainly has been worth the wait.  
When we arrived at the farm for the first appointment and pick of the litter, everything was exactly as pictured on the WKG website.  No deceptions here.  Upon pulling into the drive your attention is first drawn to a small herd of majestic adult Golden’s, all silent and attentive.  It is crazy, no barking.  And then you see a gaggle of the most amazing puppies.  From there forward the experience only exceeds expectations.  The Moore family is lovely and you will be in excellent hands throughout the entire process.  
Our 7 week old puppy Lego was predictably excited to join us and he settled down as well as can be expected for the 3 hr ride home.  He received high marks at our Vet and they said he is a very beautiful and healthy puppy with a great temperament.
I could write about Lego all day, but I think I would rather go play with him now, he is amazing.  My only regret is that I didn’t get two…this time ;D.  
And, now, we take a quick breath here at Windy Knoll Farm as Spring really bursts into beauty around us, and look ahead to the preparation for TWO NEW LITTERS of puppies arriving at the end of May from our Polly and Sunny! Stay tuned for more details. 
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  1. Awh, that’s our boy…and a real life fairytale ending 🙂
    Thanks to all!