Polly’s Puppies!

As we announced yesterday, we have two new litters of beautiful little AKC Golden puppies here at Windy Knoll Farm. You can read about Sunny and Jack’s puppies here, but today we are going to focus on the second litter of pups! 

Polly’s lovely litter of ten adorable Golden puppies were born on May 25th, 2017! The eight males and two females are a lovely mix of shades of golden and dark red. (Video embedded at bottom of post.)


These rolly-polly, healthy young ones have the cutest little squeaks as they wake up from their naps, eager and anxious to locate Polly, who is sure to be waiting nearby to make sure she can fill their tummies with nourishing milk! It’s amazing that, although at six days old their eyes are not yet open, the pups can still navigate quite well with cute crawling to their mother’s side!

No matter how many times we witness the miracle of the birth and growth of a litter of puppies, we still marvel at how wonderfully God designed each little canine, and how rapidly they transition from helpless, tiny newborns, to vigorous, rambunctious pups! 

We have experienced a “first” with this litter of puppies, however. As you may have noticed, we didn’t name the sire of the litter. Because of an unexpected length through Polly’s heat cycle, she ended up being bred inadvertently by two sires. For those who are familiar at all with basics of dog breeding, it is possible for a female to be bred by two males, and to bear puppies from both sires. 

Polly was first, by intention, bred by a gorgeous dark red AKC Golden Retriever, Famous Finnegan of Woodstock. Finnegan, or “Finn”, is actually one of the puppies that left our farm several years ago, the son of our Windy Knoll Betsy and Green Mountain Pastures Shep. He’s so dark red, he resembles the beautiful coloring of an Irish Setter, and has a wonderful, friendly, happy, and loving personality. There’s no doubt that some of the puppies are his due to their dark coloring.



The second, inadvertent potential sire of this litter is our Windy Knoll Stonewall Jackson, aka Jack. He is an equally handsome, full bodied, gorgeous coated AKC Golden Retriever, although he bears much more of a honey color coat rather than the dark red. His loving, loyal, friendly, and calm personality have endeared him to us. 

So what does that mean for Polly’s puppies? It simply means that we have had to order DNA testing kits from the American Kennel Club. Once these kits arrive, each puppy will be tested, and it will be determined genetically who is the sire. Then, we can obtain the correct AKC paperwork for each pup. Each pup will still be fully an AKC Golden Retriever, sired by an AKC Golden Retriever male – it will just take us a little longer to discover who the father actually is. 

If you are on the wait list for this litter, you have received an email with this announcement from us. Please take a moment to let us know if you are still interested in a puppy from this litter. If you are, we ask that you submit the $300 deposit we ask to hold your puppy. If you are further down on the wait list, please bear with us as we work through Polly’s wait list based on our first come, first serve basis. We will be in touch with you ASAP to let you know availability of pups. If you have already submitted your deposit on your puppy, you are all set, and we look forward to being in touch with more updates over the next couple of weeks as Polly’s beautiful puppies grow and mature!