Two New Litters of Puppies at Windy Knoll Farm!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of TWO NEW LITTERS of adorable little AKC Golden Retriever Puppies here at Windy Knoll Farm!

Windy Knoll Golden Sunshine (Sunny) and Windy Knoll Stonewall Jackson’s (Jack’s) puppies made their grand entry on May 18th, 2017!

This fine litter of gorgeous, healthy young ones, seven males and two females, have already grown from cute little golden logs at birth to crawling, strong one and a half week old pups who take their responsibility of nursing and sleeping very seriously.

Their beautiful little eyes recently opened, adding an additional element of cuteness to their already adorable features.

Our children are delighted to once again have golden puppies to snuggle!

This is Sunny’s first litter, and she is doing a great job taking care of her large brood. This is also Jack’s first litter. We’re thrilled with the potential these pups carry as both Sunny and Jack are beautiful honey-colored Goldens with wonderful personalities.

Sunny is very sweet, beautiful, calm, and peaceful, while Jack is equally handsome, loyal, playful, calm, and lovable.

(Click here and here for more pictures of Jack and here and here for more pictures of Sunny). Their little golden pups are small treasures indeed.

See that perfect, tiny paw?!

Of this litter, we have three males currently available. If you are interested in adding one of these pretty AKC Golden Retriever puppies into your life this summer, please contact us.

Sometimes, it’s just plain hard work being a puppy!

Each puppy that leave Windy Knoll Farm comes with their AKC registration papers, with all their first shots, wormed, vet checked, with a health guarantee, with optional micro-chipping, with a special package of puppy care info, and with lots of love! Our goal is to have all our puppies friendly and well adjusted to people and kids when they leave here, and with five small children to help us, each puppy has lots of exposure to lots of love!

And of course, we mentioned that we have TWO new litters of puppies here at Windy Knoll Farm! It’s true – Polly’s litter of beautiful golden pups arrived just a couple of days ago, and we’ll be posting her official announcement tomorrow! If you are on Polly’s wait list for this litter, please be patience just a little bit longer!