Vet Exams For Nineteen Golden Puppies

Our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Dru Polinger from Fair Haven Animal Hospital, an experienced vet of many years and our own personal vet since we began raising Goldens, took a trip out to Windy Knoll Farm earlier this week to exam all nineteen of our golden puppies. Under beautiful blue skies and sunshine, the vet exams turned into a family affair as Dr. Polinger explained to the children how she was checking each puppy, and showed me some of her techniques as well. All the puppies submitted to their exams (even the shots!) as just another fun event during the day, and proved healthy, thriving Goldens!


Sometimes, the best way to ensure a good meal is to guard the food while awaiting your turn to be vet examined!
Another puppy visits with Anna after his thorough examination by Dr. Polinger.
Who’s Cuter?!

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