Wintery Walk & Cozy Capers with Clara Barton of Windy Knoll Goldens

Here in Vermont, we’ve had some pretty frigid temperatures this winter, but that hasn’t stopped our Goldens and us from enjoying the beauty of these snow washed months! One of our beautiful young goldens, Clara Barton of Windy Knoll Goldens, or more commonly know as “Clara” around here, joined me on my walk yesterday. (In case you wondering, Clara arrived here as a puppy at the same time our children were enjoying stories concerning the Civil War. We’d already named our little male Ulysses S Grant, and decided upon the name of the famous and dedicated Civil War battlefield nurse and founder of the Red Cross, Clara Barton, for our new golden treasure!) Clara recently turned one year old, and is a beautiful, dark red golden girl who joined our family from a lovely breeder in northern Vermont by the name, interestingly enough, of Windy Meadow.

Clara thoroughly enjoyed our walk…

…and upon our return, she enjoyed relaxing inside under the caresses and attention of the children.

Elizabeth declared that “Clara is my best dog!” She made sure that Clara was supplied with fresh water and several treats.

We’re looking forward to seeing how our lovely Clara continues to mature over this year!