“Phenomenal Hips!”

“He’s got phenomenal hips!” 

Those were the words Dr. Keith Clement of Burnt Hills Veterinary Hospital used to describe the results of the recent PennHIP results for our gorgeous Golden guy, Ulysses S. Grant of Windy Knoll Goldens.

“There’s basically no possibility of him having any hip issues,” was an additional comment he made as he described the status of the Distraction Index Chart for Grant’s x-ray. (For those of you who are familiar with PennHIP ratings, Grant’s DI is 0.26. We’ll be doing a future post on PennHIP evaluation, what the numbers indicate, and why it is a superior method of hip evaluation.)

While we anticipated good results for our Grant’s x-rays, they were even better than we hoped for, and we are thrilled! This is great, allowing us to move forward with our plans of Grant siring upcoming litters of wonderful Golden puppies! Grant is a beautiful male, with a luxurious dark red, thick, wavy coat, wonderful, happy go lucky golden personality, and agile, handsome build.