Sweet Spice’s Beautiful Litter of AKC Golden Pups Are Here!

Spice’s beautiful litter of AKC Golden pups arrived on November 9th, 2019! As a first time mother, Spice sailed through labor and delivery with competence and ease. She is a great mother, taking excellent care of her robust, beautiful pups – five females and three males for total of eight lovely little AKC Goldens!

We’re happy to report that all the pups are very busy nursing and sleeping and being snuggled throughout the day – doing just want little pups are suppose to do! Even in the few days since they’ve been arrived, they’ve grown tremendously, so all that nursing and sleeping is definitely paying off!

Three sleepy boys!


If you are on the wait list for this litter, you can expect to be hearing from us via email shortly with further details concerning this litter. We appreciate your patience as we work on reaching out to you in the midst of all that’s going on here!

Spice is a wonderful mother to her little Goldens!
Have a Golden evening – just like this beautiful litter of AKC Golden Pups!