Another Litter Announcement from Windy Knoll Goldens

Yes, it’s been hopping here these last few weeks, with so many puppies arriving, and yet another litter announcement to make! Today’s news is concerning our litter from Lady Margarite (Meg) of Windy Knoll Goldens. Meg and Dozer’s adorable little AKC English Cream/American Golden puppies were born on November 10, 2019. Not only were there seven females, there were also six males presented to us for whopping total of thirteen little goldens!

What a pile of puppies!
Newborn puppies tiny, perfect ears, noses, paws, and tails always fascinate me – so cute, and a tribute to the creativeness of the God who created them!


Unfortunately, with such a large litter, and a difficult labor, Meg ended up with an emergency c-section for the delivery of her pups. Because of this, and Meg’s need to rest and recover, we’ve ended up taking on her responsibilities as mother to this litter – which includes bottle-feeding and cleaning each pup every two hours! This is a first time experience for us, and has certainly kept us more than busy, but we’re delighted to report that all thirteen puppies are eating and growing well! There is no doubt that with all this hands on attention every few hours, these will be the most socialized puppies yet here at Windy Knoll Goldens!

If you are on the wait list for this litter, you can expect to be hearing from us via email shortly with further details concerning this litter. We appreciate your patience as we work on reaching out to you in the midst of all that’s going on here!