A Quick Update

It’s been a very busy few weeks – between puppies arriving, bottlefeeding puppies, being up all night for several nights attending to different litters, and attempting to keep all the dogs and kids fed and cared for in-between said busyness! I think it’s calmed down to a more reasonable pace in the last day or so, with all the pups settled in and a more normal routine being established. Clara’s and Spice’s puppies cute little eyes are open now, as they waddle around their pens on their chubby, short legs, and Meg’s puppies aren’t far behind. Sunny and Polly’s newborn pups are less mobile, finding it more important at this stage in life to keep busy with nursing and sleeping and growing! And we’re hoping to grab more pictures coming up so you can catch a glimpse of all the cute puppies!

We also hope to start getting back to emails and phone calls in the next coming days – thank you for your patience as many of you have reached out to us with inquiries – and haven’t heard back from us! We’ll be working on remedying that soon, and thank you again for that patience!