Announcing the Arrival of Sunny’s Golden Puppies!

We’re happy to announce the arrival of Sunny and Charlie’s litter of beautiful, healthy little Golden pups, who have added a whole lot more golden cuteness to our puppy families here! Due to busyness right after Sunny’s puppies were born, and then technical computer difficulties which are finally under resolution now,  it’s taken us a while to be able to make the news public, but it’s here now:

Sunny’s adorable little goldens, five handsome males and three lovely females, arrived on June 3rd, 2019. 

Sunny is a fantastic mother, very faithfully and gently caring for her little canines as they keep themselves quite occupied with eating, sleeping, and snuggling! Their adorable little light golden faces already possess such cute expressions – and with Sunny for their mother and Charlie as their father, those adorable little golden faces will mature into such handsome, sweet, and noble adults! Their little pale blue eyes are just starting to open, and their mobility is increasing as they begin to toddle about their little whelping pen.

These healthy little youngsters prefer nestling up to their mother for warm nourishment by way of nursing, curling together in a warm heap of puppy sleepiness, or snuggling in our arms.  Along with Spice and Clara’s older pups, each of these little goldens has been started with bio sensor therapy each day for their improved neurological development.