Spice And Clara’s Puppies Are Growing Fast!

One of Spice’s beautiful little boys snuggled in Jonathan’s arms.

It’s amazing how fast a puppy grows in it’s first weeks of life – and lots of rapid puppy development is what we are getting to observe here at Windy Knoll Goldens!

A little male from Clara’s litter enjoys sunshine and snuggles with Mary.

Spice and Clara’s beautiful litters of puppies have matured into three week old plump pups who are exercising their little legs in sturdy walking now, discovering that they can make adorable little barking and growling noises, slowly seeing the world blossoming before their open eyes, and have even enjoyed an introduction to the outdoors during some of their daily pen cleaning times!

Two boys from Spice’s litter tentatively observing the wonders of the outside world together!
It’s a big deal to make a trip outside – so these two young ones from Spice’s litter decide it is high time for a nap in the warm grass!

These puppies have responded well to their daily bio-therapy sessions (for excellent neurological development and better adaptability in maturity), not even complaining about the step that involves them being laid upside down (maybe that’s because the children love to snuggle them in that position all the time!).

A few of Clara’s pups have adorable little white sprinkles on their forheads!
All snuggled in on Mary’s shoulder for a bit of sleep!
This is Jonathan’s favorite fellow from Clara’s litter. He IS pretty cute, wouldn’t you agree?
Relaxed and laid back in personality for sure, this young guy from Clara’s litter can take a snooze in just about any position!
All piled in a cozy heap of thirteen siblings, these little pups from Spice’s lovely litter also conked out after a bit of outdoor adventure!
Sleepy good-byes from four of Spice’s little pups!